Cheap Mobile Phones

Cheap Mobile Phones

We live on a huge, green planet and this round master piece has a huge market for cheap mobile phones as well as the more expensive ones. As the time is passing and the craze for this gadget, which was once an obsession, is ending, a large number of homo-sapiens are now opting to keep cheap mobile phones instead of retaining the expensive mobile phones.

A new device called as mobile phone was invented and put in the market in the start of the last quarter of twentieth century in 1978. Japan has the honor of launching the first commercial mobile phone service by NTT. In just 30 years, more than half of the earth's population owns their personal mobile phones. A large number of mobile phone companies have been established offering cheap mobile phone deals, cheap mobile phone handsets and of course cheap mobile phones.

A gigantic market in the world is of people wanting to own cheap mobile phones, which have many advantages. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Cheap mobile phones minimize the monetary risk in case the cheap mobile phone handsets are lost or stolen.

  • Cheap mobile phones, at this point of time are offering almost the same or similar services which are offered by the expensive ones.

  • Mobile phone companies are offering cheaper mobile phone deals to attract the customers towards the cheap mobile phones.

  • Call rates and Short Message Services (SMS) are getting cheaper by the day.

  • Cheap mobile phones are drawing attention of the clients in all the countries, especially in the third world and the developing countries.

Cheap mobile phones provide all the services which are offered by the heavy budget mobile phones. These services include voice and data services mainly. Cheap mobile phone handsets provide both of these types of services including SMS, email, text messaging, packet switching and talking to friends, family and the loved ones. The cheap mobile phones grant access to internet, WAP, gaming, blue-tooth, camera with still photography and video recording, MMS for sending and receiving photos, videos, ring tones and different logos, etc.

As compared to their expensive family members, the cheap mobile phones are equally rugged, rough and hardy. They can be operated in all weathers from extremely hot climate to the sub-zero temperatures.

There are different old cell phone technologies like AMPS and NMT which were known as the first generation cheap mobile phones. The second generation of mobile phone handsets included the more advanced services like GSM, CDMA and TDMA. Second generation digital cheap mobile phone services were introduced in 1991 and their originator was Finland. Japan started the third generation services in 2001. These digital services are commonly known as 3G services.

A large number of manufacturer companies are making cheap mobile phones. These companies include Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Apple Inc, etc. Keeping in mind the market share of these companies, NOKIA is the largest manufacturer in the world of cheap mobile phones holding a huge share of 40% of the world's entire market.

If we sub-divide the cheap mobile phones in different categories, we come to know that they vary from walkman phones to camera phones, common use cheap mobile handsets to smart cheap mobile phones. With the passing time, these inexpensive mobile phones are getting cheaper and cheaper while their technology is getting even better. The phones which were considered to be the luxurious phones are now taken as cheap mobile phone handsets and everyone or most of the common people can afford them.

Initially when the mobile phone services were launched, the cost of phones, calls and messages was indeed towering. Apart from charging the outgoing calls, the mobile companies also started charging incoming calls. But with the advent of cheap mobile phones, the mobile companies were also forced to reduce the call costs and other related charges. In most of the countries, the incoming calls are now free and the roaming charges are also either done away with or reduced to a minimal amount.

With the passage of time, the introduction of new technologies and the availability of cheap mobile phones, it has become very easy for a person to communicate with others. Cheap mobile phones are a huge attraction for those who can not afford expensive handsets and still want to stay in touch with their loved ones and business community.